(MWG) is here to help you create your personalized healthcare web site/ blog, web application or any other soft facility you want to create for better service to health consumers around you.

"The increasing importance of Healthcare IT and more improved services through web have made it compulsory for healthcare professionals to have some presence on the web to remain intact with the changing dynamics of communication and businesses."

The important ingredients for a healthcare to portray a good image on the world wide web or cyberspace includes following:

  1. A URL (eg:

  2. Healthcare oriented look and feel, which can glue the visitors and give them an idea of healthcare experience.

  3. Content, it is very important to have precise and short content for visitors, according to scope of your practice.

  4. Capture your visitors, important to have some database / CRM tool to address the needs and services of your clients through proper management tools, eg to reply queries of patients or give them appointments for visiting your hospital/ clinic.
Website URL
MWG, helps its clients to register domains with ideal web URLs. Its again important to understand the importance of correct URL for your practice and your need. It certainly depicts some sense for users to understand about your healthcare practice, as it may be different for hospitals, clinics, doctors, physiotherapists, surgeons, physicians, sub specialties etc etc. MWG will help to register URL and also get hosting which will best suit your clinic needs and requirements.

Interface Designing
Look & Feel
It is important for healthcare providers to have suitable design of their website according to the nature of their practice. As hospitals have different designing ingredients/ options than clinics websites.
MWG, specializes in creating this design for your practice which will best explain your message in a visual effect to visitors of the site, may it be GP clinic, dental clinic, hospital or allied healthcare website or website of a medical/ healthcare society. It’s also important for MWG to educate and explain some basic and fundamentals in the designing of these sites. MWG takes it highly important to do so and spends a great degree of effort and time to create a personalized design/ look & feel of a healthcare website.
Please go through some of our designs in healthcare, here

Website Content
Web Site Content
MWG stresses great importance to its clients to build content which is unique and best explains the choices of best practice for your health consumers. MWG has a team of writers and content developers may it be photos of your practice, or some write up to best suit your needs and requirements for your visitors.
We add pre developed content from our partners like McKesson, Patient Education Institute and others to give your website a true healthcare provider’s look and feel. This content can be in the shape of TEXT, Graphic animations of procedures, diseases process. We also provide options to develop content in the video and audio format for your hospital through our experienced audio/ video crew, which specializes in creating healthcare content.

Database Designing
Database Designing / Dynamic Site
MWG works with highly skilled team of developers to build tools which suit best to your model of healthcare practice. As a hospitals need to EMR and HER may not be suitable for a dental or GP practice clinic. MWG works with each of its clients to educate the importance of this development and then creates best suitable, highly secure and data encrypted options to store and manage database of patients. This will make healthcare providers to save time and improve practice, keep practices in line with current web development and be connected to their patients and health consumers.

Other Web Services
Other Web Services
MWG also provides, SEO services, Logo design of your website, flash animations, J Query tools, Contact forms, Email campaigns, Personalized videos, audio/ sound recordings, business tools: like online payment, and what our clients need to improve their healthcare service delivery.
You need all above or you need any one or you want to inquire more, Please send us your query by filling this simple form:

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